Will Wright - Catholic Speaker in Phoenix, AZ

Will Wright

Will Wright is a Catholic school teacher in the Diocese of Phoenix. He has worked for over a decade at Parishes as a musician, catechist for adults, children, and teens, in administration, and as a writer.

Will Wright is available for weeknight or weekend talks or music in the Phoenix, AZ metropolitan area. Contact him now to see how he can best serve your organization!

Email: will.wright.catholic@gmail.com

What does the Church really teach?

There is a great desire for the true, good, and beautiful in the heart of each human person! This is how God created us! In a world awash with hyper-individualism, relativism, and a bunch of other "isms," it can be hard to find the right path. With so many voices in the world vying for our attention, the only Voice that matters is Jesus Christ!

We are a Church of Jesus Christ, not a Church of causes.

Will Wright seeks to present the Faith in a coherent, engaging, and inspiring manner, rooted in the Scripture, Tradition, and perennial Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

Will is an engaging teacher with a passion for sharing the joy of the Gospel! He attests with all his being that the work of conversion all belongs to the Holy Spirit! Will acknowledges this deeply and seeks to create space for the Holy Spirit to do His work to lead all to a life-changing encounter with the Risen Lord Jesus Christ.

In the pursuit of Truth, no question is off the table! If Will does not know the answer, he will try to find it before giving an answer. Making the right distinction is very important. In the course of his teaching, Will tries to help his audience by qualifying when he is sharing merely his own opinion on a subject rather than what the Church authoritatively teaches.

It is already hard enough to learn what the Church teaches today with so many dissident voices!